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I love the nail game and always finding new and different designs and trends and shapes to do with my nails. With an incredible nail artist and the opportunity to always be adventurous and come up with creative designs, my nails are never a dull concept. With the likes of social media, sharing ideas and trends of nails help everyone to be adventurous. It’s not something permanent so why not try something totally out the box. Gone are the days of plain natural or French tips, now it’s all about different colors and different designs on each nails, the shapes from claws to square to round. The best thing, I believe about nails is that all trends, all colors and all shapes look perfect on every lady. I could never bare to not do my nails, it’s my fix and my peace time when I go get them done.

I must admit, I’m very OCD so I prefer plain solid designs but this time around I decided to change it up abit. Using a soft color and a dark color, we mixed the sequence of solid colors pink and black and added a diamente, than there is a mixture of two patterns, one being the floral pattern and the other being three stripes. I absolutely adore my design and a special thank you to my Chloe at Tip to Toe salon.
My nails are always perfect, thanks to your amazing work.

Have a great weekend everyone
Love Nishlene

Sport Luxe (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#leather #shorts #black #white #studs #sports #sneakers #girl #ootd

Sport Luxe (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#leather #shorts #black #white #studs #sports #sneakers #girl #ootd



Autumn is a weird season, don’t you think? You can never really figure out whether you need to wear a long sleeve top or a short sleeve top with a light-weighed jersey because it bounces from heat to a chilly sensation. For me, mixing a winter and summer item together was a new concept I decided to explore. I was down in Durban and from the hotel window it looked overcast and miserable so I decided to put this all black with a hint of white outfit together. Towards the afternoon, Durban weather got the best of me and I chucked the hoody for a sleeveless vest because between the humidity and the wind that blows got air I felt like I was in a heat wave.

The sport luxe trend is on point in 2014, suiting just about everyone, even if you not a sports person. It is the perfect fusion between sport and style. This sports inspired trend is flattering, flexible and mostly comfy. The look is inspired by the clean lines, comfort and performance of athletic sportswear. Sport luxe is lots of mesh fabrics, shiny metallic materials to bomber jackets and leather shorts to a mix up of shorts from blinded out takkies to your air max sneakers. So ready, set and go, start your day off with a sport luxe inspired outfit and feel part of the fashion runaway! It’s ideal for just about anyone who wants to be fashion adventurous.

my outfit:

my shorts (leather) are from CO, Cotton On

my hoodie is from Sissy Boy

my sling bag is from Guess

my airmax sneakers are from Shesha

Have a great week ahead.
Love always, Nishlene

Pretty Hurts (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#summer #dress #collar #headband #blue #white #ootd #girl #vintage #skates #tomboy

Pretty Hurts (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#summer #dress #collar #headband #blue #white #ootd #girl #vintage #skates #tomboy



With all the rain, I just hibernate at home and wait patiently for my favorite weather to come out again. However, I feel like it’s a never ending battle with the rain. So before all the rain occurred, I took these skater girl posts at a cousin house a few weeks back. Yes, girls can skate and we can do it with dresses on.

Going back a good few years, I grew up being the only child for 9 years and so I was the typical tomboy. I dressed in matching track suits like my father and played with cars and painted the dog once or twice and I even swallowed a two rand coin trying to swing around the jungle gym pole and I had no pockets to put my money in, so I put it in my mouth and after swinging around, I saw my life before my eyes. So, yes, I did give my parents beans and I think it’s only a great thing to get in touch with your childhood once in awhile and I did just that on my this post. No dress or pumps got in the way of me playing with a skate board and after a few scratches and bruises, we managed to get some incredible snaps! So my advice: whatever makes you revisit your childhood, go ahead and do it atleast once in awhile.

My dress is the Peter Pan collar style, with the edginess of cuts on either side of the abdomen. It’s a very different color blue mixed with white giving off that school girl look. I matched a plain pumps and headband with rainbow colors and it was a simple yet comfortable Sunday look. Sometimes style doesn’t need to be over done, it just needs to be done to suit you as an individual.

My outfit:

my dress is from the Elle Collection, Mr Price

my pumps are from Zoom

my headband is from Cotton On

Have a great week all of you.
Love always, Nishlene

Black Days (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#goth #black #snakeskin #ootn #function #retro #summer #girl #leather

Black Days (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#goth #black #snakeskin #ootn #function #retro #summer #girl #leather



Black black black black black! My favorite color and my new go-to color for dressing up recently. There something about black that I’ve been loving recently, almost like it’s my new comfort zone. The pants above, is leatherish jeans style and I love it so much that I bought two, yes two! They the same fit, different design details but they fit so perfect that I could practically wear them all the time. The fit is tight hugging, the color is on point, there is enough pockets and zips, the small details make the jeans and it comes in petite size like size 24 to a size 34 so just about anyone can purchase them!

The above post is from Friday, 21st February. We were invited to the BMW X5 launch in Joburg City Auto and it was a beautiful function indeed. From the Moet bar to the variety of foods, yes catering even for us, vegetarians. After a video about the design of the X5, the covers were pulled off the cars and we got to view them! I’m not a big 4x4 fan but I must admit I did get intrigued by the BMW X5 M, it was white and maybe cause I love speed and the aggressive look a car should have, this X5 M really took the trophy for me. I opted for an outfit less over the top, sometimes simple is better. It was a smart casual affair and so I matched my favorite item in my closet, my leather jeans with a snake skin print collar shirt and a simple black heel, used minimal amount of jewelry and I felt good for the night. So remember, sometimes simple is best, being overdone is a mess!

my outfit:

my collar top is from Zara

my leather jeans is from Cotton On

my heels are from Steve Madden

my chain is from Cotton On

my bag is from Guess

Hope you all well, have a great week and thank you for supporting my blog

Love always, Nishlene

Midsummer Love (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#summer #floral #highwaist #black #nature #costume #happiness #ootd #india

Midsummer Love (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#summer #floral #highwaist #black #nature #costume #happiness #ootd #india



I love summer, quite frankly if I could go to every destination that has summer when the seasons change here, I would. You think I’m kidding? I did it last year as soon as SA went into winter I jetted off to Europe to enjoy the sunshine over there. Summer screams happiness for me (not that I’m sad in winter) but it is just lots of fun when the sun is shining bright. Summer equals light and light is what all human beings seek in their lives, it brings you to many successful paths in your life and it also gives you the feelings of hope and faith! Like the famous saying, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So before the season of summer is over, fine something that makes not only your lips smile but your heart smile as well.

I’ve never really done a bikini post on the blog so I figured why not try something new and maybe, the scenery encouraged me to do so. I was at the Taj Vivanta in Kerala and the pool just always seemed to draw me into it every afternoon, I’m not much of a swimmer but this pool was pure magical to me and the view was breath-taking. I decided to shoot this bikini post of the new style of costumes inspired by times way back then. The high waisted bikini bottom with the full shaped bikini top. This bikini I actually mixed up as the floral bottom has a floral top to match but I decided it suited my style better to wear a black top with the floral bottoms. So do yourself a flavor, put on that bikini that flatters your body and have fun in the sun for I promise it will bring lots of smiles and laughter and fun.

my outfit:

my bikini top is from Topshop

my bikini bottom is from Topshop

my sunglasses is from Rayban

Hope you all well and ready for Valentines day!

Love always, Nishlene

You Can’t Sit With Us (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#leopard #hipster #rebel #abstract #black #lake #summer #ootd #girls #vintage #flare #fit #summer

You Can’t Sit With Us (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#leopard #hipster #rebel #abstract #black #lake #summer #ootd #girls #vintage #flare #fit #summer